I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, interior designer, creator, perpetual student of life,  dreamer, want-to-be photographer, and treasure hunter.

I am Stephany Taddeo, and this is the beginning of a long time dream of mine.

After 7+ years working in commercial and hospitality design I made the decision to stay home with my first born. It wasn’t long after that I started my blog, home is what you make it, to keep my creative juices flowing while continuing to work on DIY and interior design projects.

Until I had my own kids I had no idea that there was more to creating a family friendly home than just childproofing and getting the nursery ready. And, while all the stuff {baby gear, toys, etc.} that comes along with kids can be overwhelming and take over your home, you can still make it a place where grown ups feel welcome, too!

way back when i started blogging…

Nine+ years of learning how to create a welcoming, family friendly space in our own home has led me to want to share my skills with you! My passion lies in family friendly spaces where comfort and style are number one while play, making messes {that can easily be picked up and put away}, and whimsy are not overlooked.

With degrees in environmental studies and interior design , I strive to merge the two in the creation of family friendly spaces using recycled, reclaimed, vintage, and handmade elements to make each space unique.

this is us four and a half years later…