baby girl said

We are playing Candyland, which Lorelai always wins, so we call her the “Candy Queen”.

In the middle of our second game Lorelai asks, “What are you the queen of?”

I say, “I don’t know.”

She yells, “I know! You’re the “Queen of drinking wine and coffee!”


baby girl said…

“Mom, what comes after funny two?”

“Twenty two?”

“Yeah, funny two.”

“Twenty three.”

“Oh, yeah. Funny three, funny four, funny five, funny six, funny seven…”

baby girl said

We have transitioned baby girl to a big bed this week.

And, she is not taking naps…which is a good thing because she is very tired by her 7:00 bedtime.

This evening, while changing her diaper (potty training is next) I said, “Are you sleepy?”

She replied, “I not sleepy. I La-La.”

I replied, through my laughter, “You are cute.”

To which she replied, “No. I La-La!”


I also have to add that later today she also said, “Mommy, I not sassy.”

“Oh, you’re not sassy?” I asked.

“No. I La-La.”

*photos were taken last month at home and at friday playgroup

baby girl said…

Now that she’s really talking I can post some of my favorites!

Here is her first three word phrase:

“I lub ee.”

Which translates to, “I love you.”