my thoughts on prayers

i have a few thoughts on prayers.

for a long time i was afraid to pray.

i didn’t know who to pray to or what to say.

what i found is that it doesn’t matter who you pray to or what you say…it just matters that you do it.

here’s the thing,

we can choose to hear emptiness when people send out their prayers & thoughts


we can choose to change our thoughts about prayers and use our prayers to change our thoughts.


  • a solemn request for help
  • an earnest hope or wish


  • an idea or opinion produced by thinking
  • the product of mental activity

look at the definitions above…

we all have requests for help.

we all have earnest hopes and wishes.

we all have opinions and ideas produced by thinking.

we all have products of mental activity.

i decided to look up synonyms for prayers and thoughts to help me work through my frustration with how easily those words are tossed out in times of trauma and grief.

in other words we could…

ask for hope.

urge logic.

beg for understanding.

petition for consideration.

require ideation.

implore regard.

plead for rumination.

solicit attention.

demand reasoning.

implore scrutiny.

so while we may be judging how other are using the words PRAYERS & THOUGHTS, we could use our own prayers (ask, urge, beg, petition, require, implore plead, solicit, demand, and implore), to who or whatever you choose, for our own thoughts (hope, logic, understanding, consideration, ideation, regard, rumination, attention, reasoning, scrutiny).

i ask to be free from judgement and fear.

i ask to let love in.