summer 2015: 85/89

yesterday was school supply drop off and the kids finally found out who their teachers will be for the year!

they are so excited about being at the same school together.

i am pretty excited about it, too!

at any rate, yesterday made the end of summer and beginning of school just that more real for me.

back to school 1

so i took down our summer list, and put up a little back to school vignette.

now i feel like i need to have a back to school party for the kids!

back to school 7

back to school 8

back to school 6

back to school 9

back to school 10

earlier this summer i picked up some signs from the target dollar spot. they look like street signs, but are for the classroom.

back to school 2

i added a vintage flash card {and a couple other vintage cards} with a note on it saying:

back to school 3

back to school 4

{the kids gave their teachers different signs, but i forgot to take photos of them before we went to the school yesterday.}

it was a great way to “break the ice” with new teachers!

the little guy lucked out, and knows his teacher because she taught first grade last year. we are thrilled that she will be his teacher this year.

baby girl has a teacher who is new to the school, but she was so welcoming and friendly i know it will be a good fit.

i am really looking forward to teaching art literature in both classes, and volunteering whenever the teachers may need my help!

back to school 5

before school starts we have a great weekend planned.

a running race for a great cause.

ryan’s birthday.

a holiday weekend…maybe a back to school party…or an outdoor movie?!

and, on the little guy’s first day of school we will also celebrate baby girl’s birthday!

good times.

{our home} restyling

Thanks for your input on the rug…I promise to let you know which one I choose with a post here soon!

In the meantime I have been getting the house put back together…

restyling 1

Of course, it takes me longer than the “normal” person because I have to “restyle” everything as I put it away…in the kitchen.

restyling 3

Or, I decide to run to Target because our laundry room, which never had a rug, needs a cheery aqua rug!

restyling 4

Of course, trying to keep the kids entertained makes lots of new messes as we go along!

restyling 2

Ben needed a new rug by the back door so it wasn’t too slippery for his old legs (yeah, i need to clean the glass, too).

restyling 5

And, yeah, we needed a little back to school countdown decoration in the un-dining room.

So, you can see, it just takes me a bit longer to get things back to normal. We’re getting there…one mess at a time!

home is…always changing things up.

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