rain and sunshine

It takes both rain and sunshine…

reece rain and lorelai

to make a rainbow.

Meet Grand River Hoji Rainbow, our new black lab puppy! We call her Rain, Rainy, or Sweet Girl…as Lorelai likes to call her.

This was her very first adventure with us…cutting down our Christmas tree!

She came from the litter of tiny puppies that the kids got to hold in October when we visited Idaho.

You’ll be seeing lots more of her.

home is…plenty of rain and sunshine to make rainbows.


encouraging news

Yesterday morning, we took Ben to our regular vet after our trip to the emergency vet on Saturday.

We’re going to take everything step by step. Get his vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues calmed down and then re-evaluate. So, for now he is on meds to try to calm everything down in addition to a bland diet. If things don’t improve, come back, or get worse once we start to reintroduce his regular diet, then we will do some further testing.

Again, thanks for all your prayers, positive energy, and offers to help

home is…encouraging news.

early morning

I’ve been up for 3 hours with my oldest.

He’s 12.

His name is Ben.

He wasn’t our first baby.

He’s our black lab who has been with us since March 2000…before we were married!

Poor little guy has been in and out of the rain and snow about 20 times in the last 3 hours.

His tummy is bugging him.

Taking care of a sick pet is like taking care of a sick infant…they can’t tell you what hurts.

So, you just keep them comfortable the best that you can.

The first couple of times I got up with him I was frustrated.

He sleeps downstairs, so he walked on the wood floors at the bottom of the stairs and barked…letting me know he needed to go out.

Up and down I went.

By the 3rd time I realized that he really wasn’t feeling well.

I set up shop on the sofa downstairs.

Made some coffee.

Turned on the early news.

I don’t get quiet time in the house very often.

I don’t get time to watch the news in peace very often.

We don’t get snow in Portland very often.

I don’t know how much longer Ben will be around.

I’m enjoying my time with him this morning and hoping he feels better soon.

For now, I’ll just be here for him.

Watching the news.

Watching the snow.

Enjoying my coffee in peace.

home is…taking care of sick babies.