{hello friday} 2.8.2013

Where did the week go?!

We spent ours…

drawing and writing: the kids love to make books. Reece draws the pictures and then sounds out the words to write what the picture is about. It is amazing to see him learning so much! Lorelai mimics her brother and likes to draw “naughty scribbles”.

2.8.2013 10

cleaning: Inside and out. Ryan cleaned up the yard last Sunday. The kids and I cleaned out their playhouse…the stinkbugs had taken up winter residence in there!

2.8.2013 2

thrifting: Treasure hunting for the shop. Treasure hunting for us. Enjoying a solo morning thrift while the kids were in school.

2.8.2013 3

2.8.2013 11

playing: The kids absolutely LOVE all of the vintage Fisher Price toys I have collected.

2.8.2013 4

creating: New items for the shop and for our home. It fuels my soul to create.

2.8.2013 1

2.8.2013 5

savoring: Moments like these. Holding little hands will only last for so long. I cherish every moment.

2.8.2013 6

trying new things: Sewing a doorway puppet theater. This was my second attempt (the first one was tossed because the striped fabric was going to give me a migraine). The third attempt turned out much better…after we added a second tension rod at the bottom of the “stage”.

2.8.2013 7

building: I bought a bunch of cups at Costco. Reece just started stacking…and stacking…and stacking. They played with these for hours…together…not squabbling (who doesn’t love Charlie and Lola?!).

2.8.2013 8

home is…a weeks worth of activities.

constant battle

I LOVE a clean house.

I think my house is beautiful when it is clean.

It frustrates me that it is rarely clean.

I have to admit I am spoiled to have housecleaners come into our house twice a month to clean the toilets, mop the floors, and dust my shelves,


it’s messy within hours of them leaving.

The constant flow of dishes, laundry, and messes {TOYS} drives me crazy.

And, what drives me even crazier is my creativity {projects}, procrastination, laziness, and lack of motivation for cleaning.

It’s a constant battle.

My creativity creates messes, piles, extra stuff.

My procrastination delays creativity and cleaning.

My laziness means I would rather take a “rest” than do laundry or dishes.

And, my lack of motivation for cleaning means I would much rather be thrifting, creating, or having fun with the kids…which all create more messes.

home is…a constant battle.