summer 2015: 34/89

yoga, two miles on the treadmill, and a nap.

that’s about all i could handle today.

our trip to new york was so full.

it really was relaxing….seriously, my kids always had someone to play with, they rarely argued, i got some quiet time, and ryan and i actually got to do some things on our own!

there are a bunch of local burger places in rochester.

don and bobs.


bill grays.

vic and somebody…

at any rate, we took the kids to don and bob’s after we visited grandma taddeo. it’s on burger row near sea breeze. the atmosphere is old time…counter with old stools, only a few booths, cashiers yelling out orders to the cooks.

ryan had started ranking the burger places on what he could remember…we eat at one each time we visit, but sometimes it is years between visits.

the next day, we went to seabreeze and walked down to bill grays for lunch. the building is newer, cleaner and bigger than don and bob’s. they also have abbot’s custard on site, which we got at the end of the day at seabreeze

again, ryan started his comparison and ranking…not deterring from his original ranking from the day before.

on thursday, we had a quiet day at my in-laws house. ryan and i planned to go out to lunch without the kids. we were going for the trifecta…three burgers in three days.

now, if we were some hardcore food network person we would have eaten all three at one sitting, but we allowed our stomachs to settle.

for our lunch date we headed to shallers in irondequoit, near the house ryan grew up in.

atmosphere is almost as good as don and bob’s. the kicker is that they serve coca cola products. i am a coke fan. their ice is also like sonic or chick-fil-a ice. if you’ve been to sonic or chick-fil-a, you know what i mean.

so, ryan’s ranking, and i concur, is:

shallers: sauce is meaty. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers actually taste like beef.

bill grays: sauce is not as meaty, but has a good kick. fries are crispy and crinkle cut. burgers are not charred.

don and bob’s: wins for atmosphere. fries were not steak fries and under cooked. burgers were over done.

are you from western upstate new york? have you ever been to one of these places? what are your thoughts?