encouraging news

Yesterday morning, we took Ben to our regular vet after our trip to the emergency vet on Saturday.

We’re going to take everything step by step. Get his vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues calmed down and then re-evaluate. So, for now he is on meds to try to calm everything down in addition to a bland diet. If things don’t improve, come back, or get worse once we start to reintroduce his regular diet, then we will do some further testing.

Again, thanks for all your prayers, positive energy, and offers to help

home is…encouraging news.

so lucky

Oh, it’s been a week.

The good news is that right now everybody is resting.

This guy has been really sick…

emergency vet sick.

We’ll find out more when we go to our regular vet tomorrow morning.

I’m exhausted.

I was up 3 nights with Ben when he was sick…including Saturday night from 1 am on.

The good news is that we all slept through the night last night.

Ben is no longer vomiting.

I had a few hours to myself last night when the kids were at our health club for a party.

I got some things done around the house (one of which was cleaning up my craft closet).

It snowed for brief periods today…and was sunny…and rained…and was just cloudy and cold.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Despite all the rough stuff going on, we still managed to have some fun last week!

Spring is trying to show up around here…

So we play outside whenever we get the chance…even if it is snowing!

And, my friends have been amazing offering to help me out with Ben or the kids while Ryan is traveling.

Thank you all for your prayers, positive energy, and offers to help.

Did I mention I am…

¬†home is…a little luck.