i didn’t delete it

 just deactivated it

As of this morning I deactivated my personal Facebook account.

{my blog and colton+cadence pages are still active}

I didn’t delete it.

I may want it back.

I just decided to take a break from it.

I wanted to see what life felt like without it again.

I wanted to not have the temptation to sign in.

You see, if you are my personal friend on Facebook, you can no longer find me.

That means, other people can keep me accountable for not being there.

Not that I care if other people can keep me accountable, but I care about that fact that it makes me less likely to “sneak a peek” at my wall.

I would do that.

Anyway, it was an amazingly freeing feeling this morning as I drove the little guy to his last day of preschool.

Yes, I was thinking about Facebook.

I was thinking about not really caring who was doing what.

Or, caring if I told people what I was doing

You see, that’s what I started a blog for.

And, I started a blog before I joined Facebook, so I just figured I would go back to the basics.

So, you will still find me here.

I’ll still be sharing our adventures, photos, and random things right here in this space.

You can also find me on Instagram (homeisablog) and Pinterest…I’m not willing to give those up.

Speaking of Instagram…

photos from {m}iphone

home is…welcome to summer break!

{batman room} always be batman

Have you seen this adorable photo going around Facebook?


Well, I made one of my own with a photo of the little guy from last Halloween.


I will be getting it printed to put in his Batman room.

home is…being yourself (unless you can be Batman).

feeling a bit like claire on modern family

There are things that I choose not to write about on this blog that I sometimes wish I could.

{I guess I should start a new anonymous blog for those things, right?!}

This is one of those things, but it is almost too funny for me to not write about.

First of all, this is how I am writing this blog post.

It has nothing to do with what I am writing about, but I thought it was funny (and cute).

If I am “working” on the computer and baby girl is awake this is where she wants to be…”momma lap”.

Anyway, this morning I am totally feeling like Claire on Modern Family.

You know the episode where Phil goes to the basketball game with Luke, Manny, and Gloria. Claire sees them on TV and tries to call him. He gets his phone out of his pocket, looks at it, and he sends her to voicemail…all while she watches it on TV.

Yeah, that one.

Ryan has been out of town since Tuesday morning.

And, he is working on a Saturday.

I was cranky and not feeling well on Thursday night when we last talked and we did not get a chance to talk at all on Friday.

So, this morning I texted him on both of his phones, left him a voicemail, and then got on Facebook.

And, there I see that he has made a new friend.

So, he’s making new friends on Facebook, but can’t reply to texts and voicemails from his wife?!

I messaged him that sentiment on Facebook.

And, here is his reply.

I guess he’s been having some technical difficulties.

At least he wasn’t kissing Gloria, right?!

And, we did get to iChat.

home is…technical difficulties.

summer’s last blast

So, while some of you are experiencing a quiet house with kids back in school, we still have a week of summer vacation left.

This last week of summer I am going to soak up the sun. Really enjoy the last full days I have with my kids before the “scheduled” days of the school year start.

I am going to take the week off from the computer…well, from being online.

I’m going to work on catching up with summer photos and posts…and maybe, just maybe, finish the photo album I owe our family from 2010.

We will also be celebrating baby girl’s 2nd birthday this week, so I need to give that the same attention that I gave the little guy when we celebrated his birthday earlier this summer at the beach.

I am not going to check Facebook, no tweets for me, no new posts on my blog, and the hardest will be not checking Pinterest or posting to Instagram.

{I will still be checking e-mail, so you can comment on this post or send me an e-mail and reach me}

Until Wednesday, September 14th.

I look forward to catching up with you all in a week!

Until then, here’s a recap of some of our summer fun…all from my iphone and instagram!

home is…savoring the last week of summer.