a day at the fishin’ hole

today i got to spend the morning fishing with a bunch of kindergartners and it was perfect…well, almost.

there was one kid who fell in the water. he was in our group. luckily, he just got wet. the teacher wasn’t surprised.

the little guy rode the school bus for the very first time and liked it. he was nervous, but got right on and waved from the window when we arrived at the fishing hole. {although, he did tell me that he will only ride school buses on field trips until he is in college}

sunshine and blue skies overhead, jumping fish, and happy kids.

our group of three boys each caught a fish.

gone fishing 1

gone fishing 2

gone fishing 4

the mom leading our group was, obviously, a fisherwoman. between the two of us we had no problem baiting the hook, casting the line, holding the fish, and getting the hooks out of the mouths. so much fun!!

the boys were as patient as three kindergarten boys will be. luckily, there were salamanders to look for, osprey overhead, and other groups to compare fish with!

they eagerly watched the fish get cleaned and were excited to take them home. {the pond is stocked with trout and there is no catch and release}

gone fishing 5

gone fishing 6

gone fishing 7

baby girl came along and had just as much fun watching the boys and playing with all the kids. i can’t wait to go again with her in two years!

gone fishing 3

i absolutely love being able to be a part of these opportunities with them. i am one blessed momma.

home is…a sunny day at the fishin’ hole.

{inspired} field trips

My old boss used to take us on field trips…grand adventures to look at fun stuff.

There were usually field trips within field trips and a crazy car ride to go along with it all.

It was always a good time…and usually ended with cocktails.

On Tuesday I took myself on a little field trip to Grand Marketplace in Southeast Portland.

It was fabulous.

grand marketplace 2

grand marketplace 3

grand marketplace 4

grand marketplace 5

grand marketplace 9

grand marketplace 10

grand marketplace 11

grand marketplace 12

grand marketplace 13

grand marketplace 15

grand marketplace 17

grand marketplace 19

grand marketplace 20

grand marketplace 22

grand marketplace 21

grand marketplace 1

grand marketplace 6

grand marketplace 7

grand marketplace 8

grand marketplace 14

grand marketplace 16

grand marketplace 18


Most of it is way out of my price range, but I absolutely love to get inspiration. Someday, I will be able to pick like these “professionals” or afford what they find.

Until then, I will keep visiting for inspiration.

If you live in the Portland area, you should go.

Also, if you live in the Portland area, what are some of your favorite places to go on inspiring field trips?

home is…field trips within field trips.