fun with a…

{capital F}

That’s what my youngest cousin had to say about our extended family’s trip to northern Idaho together.

I think Reece would agree.

Thanks to my other cousin, Greg, for inviting us all to celebrate with them!

It was definitely “fun with a capital f”!

Still going through the photos…I have them edited down to 989.

Post will be up next week.

Until then, a little FUN from our week back home…

photos from {m}iphone


home is…FUN!

photos from m{i} phone

These photos are a little late…

We had a great time at our Friday playgroup last Friday and I didn’t make the time to get the photos posted.

Then we had an fantastic weekend here in the Pacific Northwest, so we played outside as much as we could.

And, after the kids went to bed I was exhausted.


That’s the norm, though.

And, if I don’t take the time to rest, or if I stay up too late, I get sick.

It’s a bummer, but it’s how I am.

So, today, we are just hanging out.


So, we can play later this week when it is supposed to be in the 60’s!

*all photos taken with the Instagram app on my iPhone 4s

home is…exhausting fun.

fall, football, and friends

We enjoyed a fall weekend of football and friends.

On Friday we celebrated our 11 year anniversary by taking the kids to the local high school homecoming game. We met our neighbors there and the kids had a great time!

Saturday was filled with friends at our house to watch the Oregon vs Colorado game. There was a lot more fun going on outside than football watching going on inside.

Check back this week for the 1st giveaway on my blog!

Also, I hope to update you on the changes we made to our yard now that they are final…until we add more next spring!

Stay tuned…

home is…fall, my favorite season of all.

funny feet

Today was the little guy’s first sharing day at preschool…

Monday afternoon the little guy and I came up with a list of things that start with the letter “F”.

Tuesday, we did an online search for images of those words.

I also looked through photos of the little guy to see if there were some of him with things that start with “F”.

I cut out the photos and images, glued them to colored construction paper, taped a ribbon to each and tied the ribbon around a hair elastic (they get really stretched out from my hair). I put the hair elastic around the top of a pair of boots and voila!

funny feet

friends and fresh flowers

fire, football and foot


four fingers, fall and french fries

family fun at the farm last fall

feather, fishing and fox

fireman, fire and four years old!


home is…feeling fortunate for my four year old!