just writing

Getting into the right routine with two in two different schools has taken a couple of weeks…that’s why I haven’t been writing.

I really missing them being home.

Especially the little guy.

I get time with baby girl a few days a week.

I’m torn.

I have free time that I was desperately wishing for, but I find myself wondering what to do with it.

I have cabinets that I need to finish painting.

I have doctors appointments, haircuts, and brow waxes that I should get scheduled.

I have crafts I want to do.

I have exercise I want to add to my routine.

I have Nordstrom Notes screaming at me to spend them.

Instead of doing any of these things, I think…

  • if i craft and do something fun, then i am not getting work done
  • if i paint cabinets and clean then i am not spending time on myself
  • if i go to the appointments it just spends money and time that i really don’t want to spend
  • if i go exercise then i am not doing anything that really needs to get done

Really, my main concern is that I will not be doing the “right” things with my free time…whatever the “right” things are.

If the house isn’t perfectly clean (which it is not) did I fail at cleaning?

If the laundry isn’t done will somebody get upset that their favorite “ballerine” or shorts are not clean?

If I don’t spend time doing things that will make me happy (crafting, exercising, blogging, taking photos) will I just be frustrated that I don’t have enough free time?

I just count the minutes until I get to go pick up my kids.

And, then there is not enough time in the day to spend with them.

And, by the time we get them to bed, I am exhausted and ready to go the bed to start all over the next day.

The answer is just do SOMETHING!


But I get wracked with guilt that my choices will displease somebody.

I’m just writing…so, I’d better go do something.

home is…counting the minutes.

{inspired} you are strong

I’ve been inspired by some recent posts about running from some of my favorite bloggers out there…

Meg wrote about running her first half marathon.

Nici wrote a guest post over at  Kelle’s blog about battling an eating disorder and running.

Maggie wrote about her relationship with running.

In addition, a local momma who used to push me to my limits in her Stroller Strides classes wrote about her experience at the Boston Marathon and shared her story with her facebook friends…she was right near the finish line as the bombs went off…and, luckily, is home safe.

my running story

The past two springs were tough on my health for one reason or another, so my exercise and running routines got set on the back burner.

I found plenty of other things to fill my time (thrifting, etsy, decorating our home, sewing, creating)…and my belly. Almost 10 pounds heavier, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into shape.

So, I’ve started running again.

run 3

When I can, I run a quick route down to the park with Odyssey. He loves it. I love it. And, it does both of us a lot of good.

This week I had missed my runs with Odyssey with kids being home from school sick, and Ryan out of town. The weather today was much too beautiful to run on a treadmill indoors, but I was itching to go for a run.

Not just itching, CRAVING it.

I NEEDED to go for a run.

I thought about Nici’s post and I pulled the BOB dualie out of the back of the car (where it’s been riding around for months) and pumped up the tires.

Lorelai hopped in and off we went!

run 2

Long story short, I ran farther and longer than I have in a LONG time.

An older woman running the older direction said, “Wow! You are strong!”

And, I crossed paths with another momma friend, who is also a runner, and has put together a fundraising race in the very park we were running in…go check out the foundation website and the race facebook page…and sign up to run with me (I will be running the 10K).

run 1

I run because I like to.

It feels good physically (when I run…maybe not so much afterwards).

It feels good emotionally.

I can do it alone.

I can share it with friends.

I can share it with my dog.

I can share it with my little girl.

And, it doesn’t hurt to hear people say, “Wow! You are strong!”

my very first running inspiration

You know who it is?

My sister.

She was always faster than me.

A better athlete than me.

It was like she didn’t even have to try and she learned to do hard things…like back flips.

She never took gymnastics.

When we were in college she worked at a running shoe store.

She ran 1/2 marathons before I had any idea what a 1/2 marathon was.

She ran in the snow.

She ran in the rain.

She ran to places in Boulder I didn’t know existed!

I had no interest in running.

She asked me to go, but I rarely did.

One of these days, I hope that my sister and I can run a race together.

I’m not into running for more than 1 hour at a time, so I like 10k’s, but I might run a 1/2 marathon if she would run one with me!

and a winner…

Thank you all so much for leaving a comment. So fun to read what you would or would not change. Seems that most of us were happy with our special day! Life is good!

The winner of the $50 minted.com credit is tara (@etsetara)!

Please send me an e-mail at homeis{at}stephanytaddeo{dot}com so I can get you your prize!

home is…running inspiration.

one foot in front of the other

I was feeling a little out of sorts this morning.

I’ve been itching to start my exercise routine up once again.

I want to be able to run 4-6 miles three times a week.

My plan was to get started this week, but I was frustrated with rain (I don’t run in the rain) and sick kids (which means no gym childcare).

Then the sun came out this morning.

I hit the pavement with Lorelai and the BOB.

Fresh air.

Blue sky.


I needed it.

I walked for over an hour.

I took occasional photos of the beautiful fall colors.

I let my mind go blank and just focused on what was in front of me.

It’s been months since I have exercised regularly.

Oh, who am I kidding?

It’s been months since I have exercised. Period.

I’m feeling it.

In my mood.

In my body.

I’m not going to go into why I stopped, but I know I want to get started again.

It felt good to put one foot in front of the other.

I am hoping we get another dry day tomorrow so I can do it again.

It felt fabulous.

So, I’m going to have to find a way to fit it all in.

All the things that make me feel good.




They make me a better person.

A better wife.

A better mom.

A better friend.

A better ME.

home is…hitting the pavement.