march madness

the adorable bunny garland below {i know it’s blurry in the photo…but it is awesome}, my friend kelly made it. she has an etsy shop and you should go check it out! {she also made some awesome tooth fairy pillows that the kids LOVE}
IMG_9380 we are looking forward to a visit from my parents over spring break…hoping we get some dry weather for some fun adventures! IMG_9333 these monkeys sit in a tree in our neighborhood. no, they are not real. someday, it would be interesting to find out the story behind why they are there. IMG_9336 the grass is free, trees are getting leaves, and flowers are blooming! IMG_9362 baby girl loves her puppies. IMG_9368 i was privileged to sew a special birthday shirt for a little boy who turned one year old yesterday. {you can see more about the baby shower i co-hosted for him here} IMG_9398 the little guy started baseball this month…single a baseball. this year he will also play lacrosse…he’ll have to pick one spring sport eventually. IMG_9424 i made lip balm with organic coconut oil,  organic beeswax, and young living essential oils. i made 21 tubes…and still have tons of supplies (beeswax and coconut oil) leftover to make more! thinking i might host a “make and take”  with young living products at my house…anybody local interested?! IMG_9449 rainbow definitely adds a lot to our lives…fun and messes! she is the first to wake up every morning and when she hears the kids voices she races up the stairs whining for them. she adores these kids…and they adore her. it is so awesome to think that she will be the dog that they grow up with.  IMG_9477 ryan brought home jelly beans, and i thought they looked pretty in my vintage chicken bowl. IMG_9496 baby girl and i set up an elaborate leprechaun trap the other night, but he was a sneaky leprechaun… IMG_9497 he tried to get away with the gold, played with the play dough we left, and brought the bunny and turtle into the trap with him! IMG_9498 he also made himself some hot chocolate! IMG_9499 we made a ladder out of xylophones…we figured he would like the rainbows and think there was gold at the end! IMG_9500 he did leave breakfast and goodies for the kiddos, though! we hope to get to the coast, mt. hood, and the tulip farm next week! stay tuned… home is…an update with blurry photos from my iPhone.