photos from m{i} phone

The last 4 Fridays I have downloaded photos from my iPhone and posted them here on my blog. All the photos that I post can also be seen on my Instagram feed…I am @homeisablog. (find out more about Instagram here)

I like the idea of having the week captured in glimpses through my iPhone. I use it for most of my snapshot taking during the day…it is almost always in my pocket.

I am also participating in a photo a day challenge on Instagram, so some of the photos you see may be kind of random. You can read more about the challenge here. If you’re in Instagram, join in! If you’re not on Instagram, get on Instagram, and join in!

I hope you are enjoying the photos.

Here are some from the last week…

{through the lens} bella beach

You may remember my first {through the lens} post.

I decided to use the title again.

I still haven’t gotten to all the photos from the beach.

Here is what I had from my iphone…using

the beach boys

baby girl in big bed

the kids playing in the sand

sand in between my toes

sleepy baby girl in the ergo

fresh halibut

poppa building a fire

getting ready to roast marshmallows

snuggling with puppy

baby girl and poppa

more baby girl and poppa

coast guard helicopter

home is…having a camera in my pocket, again!