{colorado} day 4

Everybody slept well last night. I know the update on the sleep thing is boring, but when you are traveling with 2 kids under the age of 4 sleep is important…for everybody!

Although the weather people thought we *may* get snow last night we woke up to blue skies this morning. Weather people can be wrong everywhere…not just in Portland! I also find it funny that no matter where you go people always say, “Just wait a few minutes and it will change,” about the weather…but I digress.

So, the snow and Sha-Sha were no shows today. My niece had a bad cough so stayed home in Denver with my sister.

So, we improvised.

We took our time this morning taking showers and getting dressed and then headed down the hill. We made a quick trip to Michaels to get supplies for making tu-tu’s and capes, went to get a bagel at Einstein’s for lunch, and drove into Golden to play at a playground while it was nice and sunny!

We played outside a bit at Meme & Tophers and then baby girl had a nap and the little guy and Mommy had some quiet time when Meme ran a quick errand.

We eventually went back outside to play in the sun with the remote control Jeep that Topher brought home on Saturday.

We also headed to the playground that with arguably one of the best views in the world.
You be the judge.

Then it was bathtime!

And, shortly after we had more visitors to the yard.

Tomorrow we have a fun adventure planned…stay tuned!

home is…being tired, happy and excited (and missing the hubby).

{colorado} day 1 and 2

We made it to Colorado with the two kids in tow!

We got up to my parents house last night after a pretty uneventful morning of travel.

We got acquainted with the wildlife (actually said hello to some deer out the back window, too).

Played with a new remote control Jeep that Topher brought home.

And had dinner with my sister, brother-in-law, and niece.

Ryan left to fly to Florida for work on Sunday morning, so he missed out on the festivities which included lunch with the Catlin/Fields/Larson/Maiman bunch.

A little time playing outside.

And, a visit from the rest of the Larsons on their way home from Costa Rica!

Baby girl also learned about Elk poop.

And, how to fall down gracefully in a tu-tu.

I also feel like I have been eating non-stop since we got here. Might have to go for a run tomorrow morning to work some of it off!

home is…time for bed after a busy couple of days!