happy new year

My father in law wrote the following poem about the start of a new year being in the fall:

I agree. I always felt that the start of a new year was when school started.

I loved the anticipation of starting school.

I hope I can instill that love of starting something new in my kiddos.

As for the little guy he has been asking for almost two weeks when he gets to start school.

Today was the day.

He was up at 6:30 and said, “Can I go to school now?”

He had a great first day and I know this year will be a fantastic year for him…and our family!

He is in Pre-K at the same fabulous school that he attended last year. I wrote about choosing his school here.

I couldn’t be happier with the choice!

home is…the start of a new year.

summer’s last blast

So, while some of you are experiencing a quiet house with kids back in school, we still have a week of summer vacation left.

This last week of summer I am going to soak up the sun. Really enjoy the last full days I have with my kids before the “scheduled” days of the school year start.

I am going to take the week off from the computer…well, from being online.

I’m going to work on catching up with summer photos and posts…and maybe, just maybe, finish the photo album I owe our family from 2010.

We will also be celebrating baby girl’s 2nd birthday this week, so I need to give that the same attention that I gave the little guy when we celebrated his birthday earlier this summer at the beach.

I am not going to check Facebook, no tweets for me, no new posts on my blog, and the hardest will be not checking Pinterest or posting to Instagram.

{I will still be checking e-mail, so you can comment on this post or send me an e-mail and reach me}

Until Wednesday, September 14th.

I look forward to catching up with you all in a week!

Until then, here’s a recap of some of our summer fun…all from my iphone and instagram!

home is…savoring the last week of summer.

the little guy said

While coloring on chalkboards this morning…

lg: “Can you draw a flower?”

m: “Why?”

lg: “So every time you come down here you can see the flower and feel pretty.”

*he is truly one of the MOST thoughtful people I have met in my life

a rambling catch up


July was crazy busy.

And, what…where did August go?!

I have lots of catch up posts to put together about some of our summer adventures…

  • Bella Beach with Meme and Topher
  • The 4th Annual Playgroup Birthday Party
  • Our cross country trip to visit family in New York

I promise to get to them.

More for me than anything.

The little guy asked me if we still had things to cross off on our summer list.

Yes, we have a few.

And, a few will wait until next summer.

For now, I am going to embrace September.

I love the changing seasons.

I used to love the beginning of a new school year.

I look forward to the sounds of football coming from the TV or radio, cool evenings, crisp mornings and sunlight streaming through leaves that are trying to hold on to their green color just a little bit longer.

Ryan has been traveling a lot. Like, every week. It’s just the way things are. It’s the life we have chosen.

He’s tired.

I’m tired.

And, we just push on.

He texted me today from Northern California and said, “Would love some hardcore family time on Saturday.”

So, I will plan some hardcore family time for us.

Maybe cross some things off of our summer list.

Oh, and we have a birthday to celebrate on Monday.

Ryan will be 39.

Oh, and we welcomed a new little bundle into the extended family on Tuesday.

My sister-in-law texted us on Tuesday afternoon and said, “Think I might be in labor.”

Less than 4 hours later she texted us again and said, “SHE is here!”

Welcome little Katherine Grace to our extended family. She is surrounded by brothers and boy cousins…and has our baby girl to help show her the ropes!

Speaking of baby girl, she will be 2 a week from today!

Two. Years. Old.


home is…hardcore family time.

the little guy said

Early this morning when he came to snuggle…

lg: “Mommy, do you bet that outerspace is as far as a billion?”

m: Half asleep, but reminding myself to remember what he said, “Yeah.”

lg: “Me too.”


This morning when baby girl and I finally woke up and made our way downstairs…

“Where’s my sweet Lola?”

When he sees her, “There’s my sweet Lola! Can I give you a hug?”

After he hugs her he makes a space on the sofa next to him and says, “Do you want to come up and snuggle with me?”

{summer in snapshots} week seven

So, I missed a couple of weeks while we were on vacation.

We went to visit my husband’s family in New York.

I will get a post up about that after I get a post up about our beach trip from the 4th of July!

Can we say I am a little behind on keeping up?!

Here is where the dogs go when we are out of town…

And, this is a bit of what we have been doing since we got back…

home is…summer is finally here in the pacific northwest!

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{summer in snapshots} week four

Our week was shortened due to our beach vacation, which I promise to post about soon.

So, I have photos from Wednesday through Sunday.

Wednesday and Thursday we were just trying to get back into the swing of things after our vacation. The only photo I took is of the kids in baby girls crib!

Friday we went to playgroup and I did not bring my camera…oops!  Needless to say, the kids got messy playing in the water and sand at Tualatin Community Park!

Friday night, as promised, we turned the little guys bed around so the ladder to his top bunk is no longer against the wall. There is a photo of him sleeping in the top bunk for the first time.

Saturday and Sunday we spent lots of time together as a family…it was great!



Playing in a tent.

Eating s’mores.

Going for a run.

At the pool.

On a walk in the neighborhood.

Good times.

home is…summer is going too fast.

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