“Heeeeeyyyyyyy, Mom!”

That’s how it usually starts.

The morning.

Once one kid is up so is the other.

Once the kids are up the dogs are dancing around us to go outside and be fed.

Once the dogs get fed the cat starts meowing for his breakfast.

Once the dogs and cats are fed the kids start asking for hot chocolate.

Once I start the hot chocolate Ben barks at the back door to be let in.

Once I let Ben in Reece is in the kitchen asking when his hot chocolate will be ready.

Once I tell Reece that I am working on it Lorelai yells from the playroom asking if she can watch a show.

Once I turn a show on Reece is asking, again, when his hot chocolate will be ready.

Once I get them their hot chocolate and finally pour my coffee they are yelling for more.

Once I get a few sips of coffee I ask them what they would like for breakfast.

Once I get them their breakfast they are asking for more, or a fork, or a napkin, or something else.

Once I get them what they need I sit down to check my e-mail, read a blog post.

Once I start I realize I don’t have time and need to make Reece’s lunch, get myself dressed, get the kids dressed, and get to school.

And, so it goes.

home is…the life of a mom.

good mornings

This summer I am trying to spend as much time as I can in my happy place…our backyard.

After I feed the dogs, I head out to what I call “the best seat in the house” and drink my coffee.

Sometimes it is just minutes before one of the kids wakes up, or yells from the house in need of something.

Others, I have had nice chunks of time to sit and watch hummingbirds, read, catch up on blogs or blogging, and just soak it all in.

Each of those mornings I have a friend join me for coffee…

Odyssey LOVES coffee.

If I leave my cup unattended he will drink it all!

I love these summer mornings in my happy place with my special coffee loving friend.

home is…sharing my coffee.