{in our garden} the big dig…and move, and build, and fill, and plant

Last week we had a big project done at our house.

It all started about 3 years ago after we moved into this house. We loved the yard, but knew that there were changes that we would eventually like to make. We had a landscape architect draw up a plan and it hid in a closet for over 2 years.

At our house we are always trying to figure out which project needs to take priority. You see, when we moved in to this house we knew we would have some upgrades to make, but we were working with a “clean slate”. By this I mean that there had been little to NO upgrades made in this house since it was built about 20 years ago. Slowly, but surely we have made some changes. Some paint here and there, new appliances, new furnace, new water heater, and new carpet. Unfortunately, most of these things were replaced because they stopped working and we had to replace them!

So, this spring we decided that we should bite the bullet and finally make a big project happen around here.

We got multiple bids from contractors. We made site visits to some of their work. And, eventually chose one that was referred by a painter who we got a quote from.

We gave him our plans, he made a few changes and suggestions, and we agreed on the work that would be done. Then we waited…through the summer…until the work could be done.

Last week, it was done.

Realistically, it couldn’t be better timing. It’s a great time to plant, we can let everything settle in over the winter, and we can see what we want to add in the spring!

So, here are some progress photos…

Day One…

Day Two…

Day Three…

Day Four…

I will try to find some “before” photos as we forgot to take some. In a separate post I will show the final product and detail some of the changes that were made.

By the way, I am headed outside right now to plant some more things with the kids. Nothing like a sunny mid-October 70 degree day in the Pacific Northwest!

home is…making big changes.