{gallery wall} take one

It was fun to revisit an old post yesterday, so I am doing it again today…this one is from June 2011!

I’ll have to do an update because, of course, things have changed a bit. However, the majority of this gallery wall has stayed the same!

Our walls have been bare for almost 4 years in this house.

I put something up for a short time and then find that I am not happy with it.

As you may have read, when I get frustrated I move furniture, but hanging art on walls just makes me frustrated. It’s a vicious cycle.

Hanging artwork seems permanent to me…which means I can’t move furniture around.

Now that our furniture is finally placed where I am happy with it (for now) I have wanted to hang some artwork on the walls. Ideas have floated around in my head from photos I have seen on other blogs and Pinterest. Nothing really forced me to put any holes in the wall, though.

Recently, we have been talking about getting the walls in our house painted. I would like to make holes in the walls pre-paint so that the painter can patch any mistakes and our walls with be nice and clean.

Then it all started with this…

We had this photo taken over a year ago and I finally ordered a wrapped canvas with a coupon I got from Sharing Spree.

I was thrilled when I received it and decided I had better put it up on the wall!

So, one afternoon, I just started hanging my black frames. Some already have photos in them, some need updated photos, and some just need photos!

This is a tall wall in our entryway. Below it is a bench that I have had since I was a little girl. This is where the kids keep their shoes, etc. It faces our playroom, which also has artwork with black frames including a large bulletin board which displays the kids artwork, Christmas cards, or other fun things depending on the time of the year.

Of course, after I got everything up on the wall I found about five more frames to add, and  have Ryan’s Father’s Day gift to hang up on the wall.

The good thing is that there are more walls or more room on this wall!

The other good news is that I have started to put holes in the walls. Now I just need to continue with all the original artwork we have stored in our attic and some other prints that I would like to get framed.

Wish me luck!

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water wall

I’m finally getting around to reusing some items that have been sitting around our house for one reason or another now that we can play outside in the beautiful weather!

For instance, we have parts from the little guys crib, which was recalled, that I have been saving for some kind of project and I have come up with two. Here is the first…

We made a “water wall”…much like the one  below that I found on Pinterest.

created at: 06/21/2011

I decided to use what we had lying around and instead of a piece of fence, I used the mattress support!

We also had to replace a hose this past weekend (have you ever heard of the peanut in the hose prank?!), so I had plenty of extra hose lying around.

I was able to attach our bottles and tubing with zip ties instead of wing nuts…and we can change our water path on a whim!

We were limited on bottle choices as our recycling was picked up this morning, but I will be saving plastic containers to change our wall up in the next few weeks.

Ours was pretty simple, but I am only dealing with a four year old and almost two year old so it was entertaining for them!

We will be adding some toys to their playhouse in the next week or so, and doing some landscaping in the next month or so.

I am hoping that the water wall will help to water some of the plants we have planned near the playhouse!

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baby girl said…

Now that she’s really talking I can post some of my favorites!

Here is her first three word phrase:

“I lub ee.”

Which translates to, “I love you.”

the grass is always greener…

I’m still here.

Well, here on the blog.

I’m not in the Pacific Northwest where we have been complaining about cool summer temps and lack of sun.

I’m across the country in the Northeast where, like the rest of the country, they are complaining about the excessive heat.

I think we’d all be happy with 80 degree temps, cool evenings, and an occasional passing rain shower.

I’ll try to get a few posts in while we’re here, but I can’t promise anything.

Hopefully, at least a photo or two!

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{rose hair clips} take two

In February I wrote a post about some hair clips that I made for a baby shower gift.

Recently I made another (easier) version of them!

First, I found rolls of ribbon in the dollar section at Target.

The hair clips are from Michaels. If I were to do this project again I  would try to find the smaller clips at a beauty supply store.

If anybody has any tips on where I can find them in the Portland area please let me know!

I used this tutorial from Jones Design Company to create the ribbon covered hair clips. These are super cute by themselves, but I wanted to embellish some of them even more.

I used the same tutorial from here to make the felt roses.

I made them in all different color combinations.

They look adorable on baby girl.

But, she either wants to wear all of them or none at all!

I think I might put these in my Etsy shop as my first item ever…what do you think?

home is…reminding you all, once again, that I love flowers.

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