{hello friday} 2.15.2013

2.15.2013 10

just a quick hello to you on this beautiful friday in the pacific northwest. it is supposed to be 60+ degrees today, so i am trying to get errands and cleaning done so the kids and i can play once reece comes home from school.

2.15.2013 9

thrifting: i already have a few vintage typewriters, but when i opened the case for this one i knew i couldn’t pass it up. it is probably one of my favorite finds so far…

2.15.2013 8

colton+cadence: i have a few new items that i will to add to the shop soon. here’s a preview…

2.15.2013 1

creating: new things from old things…

2.15.2013 6

projects: batman went the way of the buffalo. reece’s new room design is almost done…

2.15.2013 4

{promise to do a tour when it is finished}

celebrating: valentines day, of course!

2.15.2013 2

playing: new vintage toys…

2.15.2013 5

learning: he remembered all his classmates in alphabetical order when he was labeling and signing his valentines…

2.15.2013 3

enjoying: make believe…

2.15.2013 7

that’s it for now…

home is…a sunny friday in the pacific northwest.

{2013} beginning

So, here it is. My first post of 2013.

Just as 2012 is completed, 2013 has just begun.



  1. Start; perform or undergo the first part of (an action or activity): “the Communists have just begun to fight”; “it was beginning to snow”.
  2. Come into being or have its starting point at a certain time or place: “the ground campaign had begun”.
start – commence – initiate – open – lead off – launch

Unlike last year, our house is no longer a “blank slate”. Don’t get me wrong, there are still projects to be done, but most of them are out of my scope of expertise.

I have the designs for a new kitchen drawn up in my head.

I know what kind of wood/laminate flooring I want in our main floor.

I have great ideas for our master bath.

And, our second floor pop-up over the living room and dining room is all planned…just need an design/build group to work with to finish the details.

None of those have to get done for us to be happy in our home, though.

So, we’ll wait until the time is right.

For now, I will begin by picking a white to paint over the red walls in our kitchen and the blue sponge paint in the kids bathroom.

And, I have a fun idea from Pinterest for Lorelai’s room…


There will be more projects, more thrifting, and more fun adventures with the kids.

This is just the beginning.

home is…to begin is half the work.

10 days

Since my last post.

Where did the time go?!

I’ve wanted to write, but I’ve been doing things.

Working on projects, exploring Portland, and enjoying a visit from Ryan’s parents.

{12 days}

Until school starts for my kiddos.

That means we have 12 days to soak up the rest that summer break has to offer.

Pool time, backyard fun, and maybe some additional adventures that we still need to cross off our summer list.

{8 days}

Until Ryan turns 40.

No party planned.

He didn’t want one.

I am kicking him out of the house this weekend.

I told him he had to go do something for himself and he had to be gone at least two nights.

It sounds like he has a perfect getaway planned.

{4 days}

Until college football starts.

Our house will be filled with the sights and sounds of college football all weekend.

I am so excited.

{10 days}

Until baby girl turns 3.

Where did the time go?!

photos from {m}iphone

MORE…photos from {m}iphone

home is…having too much fun to blog about it.