feeling ducky, 7 random things, and a giveaway

I have 8 things to share with you…

1st…the weekend.

Last Sunday, we decided to have a fire in the backyard in the middle of the day.

It was about 40 degrees out.

We roasted hot dogs for lunch.

Snuggled under thrifted quilts.

Drank hot chocolate.

And, roasted marshmallows.

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

2nd…on a whim.

I decided to move the furniture in Lorelai’s room…again.

And, since I was moving the furniture around I decided to add a little vintage feel, too.

I’ll do a full post about her room in the future.

3rd…fabric is fun.

One of the best things about working at my old interior design job was the days when the fabric reps would visit. They would bring their fabric in, throw it on the table during their presentation, and we would pass it around oohing and ahhing.

I don’t get visits from fabric reps anymore, but I still ooh and ahh over fabric.

The last couple of days I have been filling hoops.

We have a big hoop wall in out un-dining room and I have rearranged and added to it thanks to Megan at Sparrow Mercantile. You should also visit her blog…Contented Sparrow.

Anyway, I filled some new hoops for Lorelai’s room and Reece asked if I would do some for his room.

Have you ever seen boy themed hoops? Me neither.

However, I had some fabrics that Reece had picked out on a few of our trips to the fabric store, and some that were left over when I made his {Colton} super hero doll last year.

So, I made him some super hoops…

4th…shiny and brite.

The kids are excited for Christmas.

When they are excited, I get excited.

I found these at Goodwill.

So, we started decking the halls…still being thankful, of course.

5th…crib sheets.

I used Lorelai’s old crib sheet for one of the hoops I made for her and decided to use the rest of it for another project.

I just cut strips of fabric (three crib sheets and a bunch of other fabrics that I had in my sewing hutch) about 2″ wide by 16-18″ long and looped them around a piece of jute. It took about 2 hours and I am so happy with the result.

I love that I was able to reuse her crib sheets to decorate her room!

6th…the un-dining room.

Getting a few things up on the wall.

A vintage metal tray with vintage flash cards (just added stick on magnets to the back of the cards).

A vintage seven-up crate filled with vintage juice glasses.

And the vintage tray above it was another great find from Sparrow Mercantile. It makes me laugh!

7th…vintage linens.

Filling hoops and decking the halls got me thinking about some vintage linens I had been holding onto for just the right project.

So, I filled some hoops with vintage christmas linens!

And, they are in the shop!

8th…a giveaway!

I would like to give one of you a happy holiday hoop!

To enter leave an answer to the question below as a comment:

When do you start decking the halls?

Deadline is Monday, November 19th at 9pm Pacific.

Winner will be announced on Tuesday, November 20th!

home is…always working on a project.

test run

Last night we invited out next door neighbors over for a test run of an outdoor movie in our backyard.

We had a campfire for roasting marshmallows.

And, once it got dark enough outside everything worked great!

My photography skills in the dark…not that great.

So, I changed all the photos to sepia.

You get the idea, right?

We watched Puss in Boots.

All boys…and baby girl!

The moon between the trees.

We’ll definitely be doing this again!

I have big plans for an outdoor movie party.

Check this one off our summer list!

And, can you all help me out with the photos? What settings should i be using/change?

I was shooting in auto…I’m not using manual, yet.

I don’t want to use flash, and the nighttime mode on my Nikon D60 just makes things blurry.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

home is…a successful test run (for the movie, not my night time photography skills)

some catch up and a couple of firsts

The week before our landscaping project started my wonderful mother-in-law came for a visit, and along with doing some of the fun things on our fall list, I was also able to get some work done around the house and do some things for myself.

It was awesome!

Here are some of the things we did…

I was able to go to the little guys Tae Kwon Do class and actually WATCH him in action rather than try to keep baby girl amused.

We had a fall campfire and roasted marshmallows.

We took a trip to a nearby pumpkin patch…check that one off the fall list!

Ryan and I had a date night…dinner and a movie (the first movie that we have seen together in a theater in over 10 years)!

We also made a stop at a local apple farm and had some more fall harvest fun.

I attended the first of four Adult Beginning Sewing classes that I will be taking this month.

I was able to run lots of errands without kids in tow…I went to JoAnn Fabric 3 times!

I finished painting the little guys ceiling so that I can finally get his bedroom redesign finished.

I made some rose hairclips, a headband, and a “baby tutu” for our new niece in New York.

I also tried some new recipes since I was able to cook without kids pulling on me in the kitchen!


After my mother-in-law left to fly back to New York the kids and I went to get their first full season ski passes! For $20 a piece I couldn’t pass it up.

I am inspired, invigorated, and excited for the fall season…the upcoming holidays, the chill in the air, and some new projects!

So inspired, in fact, that I will be having my first giveaway on my blog!

It will give you a taste of some of the projects that I worked on last week and a little taste of fall here in the Pacific Northwest!

Check back early next week!

home is…feeling inspired by the change of seasons.