rollerskating at oaks park

I took the kids rollerskating today.

The little guy has been rollerskating at Oaks Park for almost exactly 2 years.

Baby girl put on rollerskates for the first time this morning.

I was so nervous the first time we took this outing…almost exactly two years ago.

I wasn’t nervous this morning.

The kids were excited.

I even thought about putting skates on.

The little guy fell. A lot.

Moved. A lot.

Wanted to go fast. A lot.

He skated much better when he wasn’t holding my hand.

Baby girl wanted to wear big skates like her brother.

Baby girl fell.

Didn’t want to move.

And,when she wasn’t pouting, I carried her.

The one rule for parents is that you cannot wear skates and carry a kid…good thing I didn’t get skates.

It didn’t go exactly as I had hoped, but we did it.

And, we’ll do it again.

They both enjoyed the cookies and milk.

And, after all was said and done we decided that we would go back again.

home is…getting out and trying something new.


Today we had one of our best mornings ever! 

I have wanted to try the Oak’s Park Skate & Play all winter.  I was a bit skeptical and scared about trying to get the little guy on rollerskates, with baby girl in tow, on my own.  Yesterday, I decided that today would be the day and sent out an e-mail to the Mommies of Friday Playgroup to let them know we would be going (this insured that there would be no backing out on my part if others are expecting us to be there).  So, I got the kids ready to go, loaded them up in the hybrid, stopped to get some mommy fuel at Starbucks and we were on our way!

Nobody was able to meet us, but we were going on our adventure anyway!  I put the kids (just in case we had to make a couple of laps around the rink without skates to warm the little guy up to the idea), the camera, the diaper bag, and the Ergo Carrier in the double BOB and we walked into the rink.  The little guy was not as enthusiastic once we got into the rink, but we got him some skates and scoped it all out.  Once he saw a couple of other preschoolers getting the skates on he warmed up to the idea. 

He  became interested in the “cubbies” and wanted to put his jacket in one, so I humored him…ends up we needed the “cubby” anyway! 

We practiced walking in the skates on the soft carpet, and then we took the BOB out onto the rink and I held the little guys hand as he skated.  I explained, as we saw other little kids fall, that it was OK to fall and all he had to do was get right back up and try again.  I decided that I should ditch the stroller and put baby girl in the carrier and walk with the little guy as he skated. 

This idea ended up being a winner!  We found a couple of balls that were painted like farm animals and this encouraged him to skate around the rink to find more!

The little guy caught on like a champ! 

After eating the snack that was provided in the rink snack bar, he was fueled up and ready to take a few more laps around the rink. 

Then Chipper, the Oaks Park mascot (who is a Squirrel), made an appearance and the little guy wanted to say hello!  A couple more laps around the rink and mommy was exhausted and ready to head home!  I finally convinced (with help from the loudspeaker that informed us that we had to get off the rink) the little guy it was time to go home. 

I am so proud of him trying something new and doing really well at it!  We’re already planning to go again next Tuesday!