snow day!

Yes!  We got snow!

Not nearly as much as they had originally thought we might, but if we get an inch the schools close down here in Portland!

So, today is a snow day…

We built a snowman.

Threw snowballs.
Shoveled the driveway, sidewalk, and part of the street.
And, enjoyed it while it lasted.
By noon the snow had melted and now is only falling in short bursts to melt on impact.
home is…a snow day!
(I cannot get the formatting to cooperate with me on this post…what a bummer!)

got snow?

We are on snow watch here in the Pacific Northwest.

While the rest of the country has seen their fair share (and more) of snow this winter, we have been experiencing a mild one. Yes, we have had our fair share of rain, but we have had lots of cold days with sunny skies, too.

What we haven’t experienced is snow.

We’ve had a few close calls. Each time we got nothing. Maybe a few big wet flakes, but nothing that stuck.

We are eagerly awaiting snow today. The snow clothes that the kids got for Christmas are waiting to be played in. A school cancellation and snow day is expected for tomorrow. Now all we need is the white stuff!

My friends at higher elevations have texted me to inform me they have snow. We are still on snow watch.

home is…waiting for the snow to fly.