{hello friday} 3.22.2013

As I sat down to write this at my kitchen counter I heard a loud thump and saw something falling out of a tree in my periferal vision out my kitchen window.

It happens all the time, but this was LOUD.

I went to the back door and did not see any large branches, but upon further inspection saw a squirrel hunched down under our table.

He seriously had to drop about 30-40 feet out of the trees.

I opened the door to try to sneak out to get Odyssey, but the squirrel came to and ran over to a tree and over the fence.

Man talk about getting back up after taking a big fall.


We are officially on Spring Break around here.

What does that mean?

Not much, just that the kids are out of school.

We’ll probably be doing a lot of the same things we did this week…

cleaning up messes…

hf 3.22.13 3

i call her cinderlola now.

two little monkeys…

hf 3.22.13 2

they listen to skidamarink on repeat and keep jumping.

i would like to LAY around…

hf 3.22.13 5

but we will probably need to add the P back in PLAY.

boxes are magical…

hf 3.22.13 1

but probably won’t get us through the week.

mom will need to do…

hf 3.22.13 4

some thrifting to keep my sanity.

without kids…

because Nana is coming to visit.

home is…spring break.