{in the garden} april

The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” right?

in the garden

Well, the showers started today after beautiful warm weather at the end of March and the first few days of April.

in the garden 40

And, we already have some flowers.

in the garden 39

in the garden 38

Tulips.in the garden 37

in the garden 36

in the garden 35


in the garden 33

in the garden 32

in the garden 31

in the garden 28

in the garden 27


in the garden 26


in the garden 25

in the garden 24


in the garden 23


in the garden 22

And, strawberries.

in the garden 21

in the garden 20

in the garden 19

The back yard is beginning to come alive, too.

in the garden 18

in the garden 17

Raspberry and blueberry bushes are beginning to get their foliage.

in the garden 16

in the garden 15

The ground is sprinkled with wild cherry blossom petals.

in the garden 14

in the garden 13

in the garden 12

My makeshift potting bench from our old picnic table.

in the garden 11

in the garden 10

in the garden 9

in the garden 8

Tilted pots inspired by Pinterest.

in the garden 7

in the garden 6

Pansies around the fire pit.

in the garden 5

This is what the kids were doing when I was taking photos.

in the garden 4

in the garden 3

in the garden 2

in the garden 1

home is…new growth.

just wait 5 minutes…

You know the saying.

I think it’s used all over the country. And, unless you have lived in multiple areas of the country you think it only applies to where you live.

Between my husband and I, we have lived in only 3 different cities, but they span from coast to coast.

We’ve heard it in Rochester, Denver, and Portland…and many other cities we have visited.

“Just wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.”

It’s been true this spring here in the Pacific Northwest.

Snow, rain, hail, sun.

We’ve had it all…and we’ve been playing in it all, too!

{here come LOTS of photos}

And, before we start this, a HUGE thank you to my husband, Ryan, for taking photos…and generally humoring me the entire time we were up on the mountain.

I can’t wait until we can all ski together!!

Spring skiing at Mt. Hood Meadows.

Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival.

home is…springtime.

an early spring walk in the burbs

So, I want to blog about our awesome weekend, but I need more time than I have tonight.

We’ve had some incredible spring weather here in the Pacific Northwest and we’ve been out enjoying it.

Our tulips are blooming and I couldn’t be happier about how our new landscaping is looking. We get daily compliments from neighbors.

We’ve had to use ladders for multiple projects lately and our monkeys are quickly learning how to use them!

And, after dinner we went for a walk around the neighborhood. Something that Ryan loves to do with the kids.

Lala brought her baby and Bobo brought his “weapon”.

There were new decorations in a tree in the neighborhood that the kids were fascinated by. I am not sure if they are there to scare the birds away (it might be a cherry tree) or just for fun. Either way, the kids liked them!

He was attacked by a bad guy and I had to save him.

Yeah, good mommy moment…too busy taking photos on my phone…”Hey, she fell down!”

But, if I hadn’t been taking pictures, I would have never caught this moment, right?!

Baby girl was fine.

She’s tough.

We live in the burbs. We only need to carry a nerf gun for protection.

But, leave it to Ryan to make sure we are safe.

And, we got home and the monkey wanted to climb…barefoot.

This guy has no fear when it comes to physical activity!

home is…a beautiful spring day.