the un-dining room table

Thrifting, my new favorite past-time, has led to some fun changes in our home.

Last week I gave a preview of our un-dining room and promised to fill you in on where the table and chairs came from.

Well, here is the story of the table.

I have wanted a round table for the dining room for a while.

I did my research online and figured we could get a decent round table for $500.

Yeah, $500.

Without chairs.

I wanted something solid, all wood, that could hold up to the kiddos.

I also wanted it to have leaves so we could extend it for use when we had more than our family over for dinner.

One Saturday early this summer I took Lorelai to Goodwill…on a whim.

We did our usual route…looking for Pyrex, globes, and other fun stuff.

Then I made a spin through the furniture when I heard over the PA that all furniture was 50% for another 4 minutes.

That’s when I found it.

My round table.

Solid wood.

Two leaves.

And, a bonus…four chairs!

It was priced at $59.99.

Less 50%.

That made it less than $30!

I jumped on it…especially when I saw another lady eyeing it.

I texted Ryan after I left and said that I would need to use his truck to pick something up at Goodwill later that afternoon.

This is what I brought home.

Ryan might have been a little shocked, but I had a vision…for the table.

I promptly started to sand the thick speckled finish off the oak.

Every chance I got I would head out the the garage and sand.

I took all the pieces apart.

More sanding.

More sanding.

More sanding.

Until it looked like this.

Then I started painting the primer on.

Multiple thin coats.

After it was primed I put the base back together and painted.

Multiple thin coats.

I had help.

I would let each coat dry completely and then add another coat…alternating between working on the base and working on the top.

This was after one or two coats.

I’m not sure how many I actually ended up applying.

Sometimes I would just hang out and watch the paint dry.

Eventually, it started looking good.

I brought it inside and put a couple coats of paste wax on it.

This is what we ended up with.

I’m pretty darn pleased.

I love how the wood grain shows through.

You’ll notice we aren’t using the chairs.

They are currently in storage.

Anybody in Portland want them?

I’ll give you a good deal.

The story of the chairs will come soon.

Stay tuned…

For the record, I saw this table in the most recent Restoration Hardware catalog…

Source: via stephany @ on Pinterest

It’s $995.

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