It’s spring break, and spring is officially here in the Pacific Northwest.

break 8

A lazy morning felt good. We had no plans for the day.

break 7

Eventually we got ourselves moving and…

break 5

Spun spiderwebs of yarn around the house that eventually turned themselves into laser beam security systems for playing spy.

break 9

Lorelai took off riding her bike over the weekend…pedaling by herself. So, while I spent 40 minutes cleaning up the yarn, the kids rode circles around the garage making up all sorts of racing/going to the store/going to school games.

break 4

We took a drive to pick up the newest addition to my latest collection addiction…vintage typewriters.

break 3

I got some happy mail from and instagram friend…there is a special corner of our home filled with special things from friends all over the country who I have never met.

break 2

We colored eggs…for the first time this week…I have a feeling we will be eating lots of egg salad.

break 1

The kids watched a movie after picking out flowers and making cards for their favorite neighbor who celebrates a birthday today.

The best thing…without any grand plans or extraordinary adventures Reece has already declared this “the best day of spring break ever”.

It doesn’t take much more than spending time with them to make them happy.

home is…a staycation.

snowball fight

We got enough snow here in the Pacific Northwest over the weekend to throw a few snowballs.

That’s about it.

A few snowballs.

I remembered that I had pinned a fun idea to one of my boards on Pinterest.

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

An indoor snowball fight kit!

So, I grabbed some white yarn that I had on hand for another craft and started making yarn snowballs!

I didn’t take a photo of how to make the snowballs, but you can see a tutorial here.

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

{I like the idea for using yarn pom-poms for pretty packaging and other decorations}

I wrapped the yard around a piece od cardboard instead of my hand, and didn’t trim the balls, just left them “wild”.

It was really easy and only took about 20 minutes to make 10 snowballs.

I had a poster tube on hand from some art I recently ordered, so I put the snowballs in there.

I haven’t made a cute label for it, but plan to eventually.

So, if we don’t get anymore snow here in the Pacific Northwest we can still have a snowball fight anytime…indoors!

home is…a “snow” day project!

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