23 weeks

Funny. I’m at 23 weeks with Baby Girl. I also think that Ryan will spend 23 weeks away from home this year. It’s a guesstimate, but I bet it’s pretty close.
It’s tough to have him gone so much. He’s pretty much gone every other week. We have it worked out so it’s not a full week at a time, but the weekend in between is usually so busy that I am exhausted when he leaves for Seattle again on Monday mornings. I know the travel isn’t easy on him either.
I am sure it is harder on me right now being 5 months pregnant, but I am scared about how I will handle it with 2 kids come October! I know it is something that I will “get used to”. Fact is, I am used to it now and that doesn’t make it any easier…
How do other moms deal with traveling spouses? Any ideas?

2 thoughts on “23 weeks

  1. Bets says:

    Neither Rob nor I travel much, even with my new job it will be 2-4 days every 2 months but when Rob was at his former job he may as welll have been out of town because he got home when Sasha and I went to bed, I left when he and Sasha were still asleep, we only had one day a week that we both had off and that was the only day Rob could practice w/his band so it was actually daylight hours minus 5 for travel and practice. Now that he’s free from his former hours we certainly have more time together and his next job will be as close to my work hours as possible so we can all see eachother as a family. That being said Sasha’s first almost 2 years of life were spent with a variety of people-Me, Rob, MeMe, Annie, Jimmi – but not at the same time. I will emphasize how loved my girl is and that both Rob and I have to work in order to stay sane, neither of us would choose to be a full time parent like you because it’s just too hard-we can’t imagine doing what you do and are so proud of you to be doing it. Daycare, school, etc. will be your saving grace. I promise.

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