Baby Growing

All is well in the world of baby growing.  We had our 32 week check up today and heard a strong heartbeat again…145-147 bpm.  Mom (me) is tired, but that is to be expected in this stage of the pregnancy.  Only 6-1/2 weeks to go until the scheduled repeat c-section on September 20th!  Hard to believe!

On another note, the little guy went to school again today.  He was not too keen on it this morning, but I’m sure he will be fine when I pick him up in an hour.  He has had a rough go with getting to sleep at night.  We are going to try to shorten his afternoon nap and see if that helps us at all.  There have been a lot of changes to his routine lately (visit from Meme and Topher, starting school, etc.), so I am sure it will even out eventually…until September 20th!

Wish us luck…

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