Everchanging Emotions and the Terrible Two

When I was pregnant with the little guy I kept myself up to date on the stages of my pregnancy by receiving a weekly e-mail and reading the books that tell you exactly how the baby is growing, how you should be feeling, and what is next.  This time around, I have glanced at those books to double check things that I think are OK, or to check on things that I don’t remember experiencing the last time.  In addition to occasionally reading about the pregnancy, I have been reading A LOT about toddlers.  I think I have read about 4-5 different books in the last week!

This period that we are going through with the little guy is a an amazing and frustrating  period called toddlerhood.  And, it has me boggled most of the time.  For instance, this morning, the little guy and I started out just perfect.  He was happy when I went into his room this morning, we waved goodbye to Poppa as he left for work, we shared some scrambled eggs and ham together, he didn’t thrash around as I changed his diaper and got him dressed, we played with stickers, read books, and even colored in a coloring book (which is not something he used to be fond of). 

The morning was going so smoothly, I decided that we should venture out to the craft store to get some things to finish up some projects for the kids rooms.  I armed myself with jelly beans in my pocket should I need to bribe the little guy to sit in the cart, and we were off!  Yes, I had to give up a couple of jelly beans, but the outing was also a success.

Lunchtime came earlier than usual, but that was no big deal.  He ate a good lunch, and cooperated for the most part when I reminded him that sitting at his little table was a priviledge and he needed to stay in his seat.  He played nicely while I cleaned up the dishes and then all h-e-double-hockey-sticks broke loose!

He came running to me to tell me he had poop in his diaper and his head started spinning around, his arms started flailing, and his legs started kicking!  For the next hour, I fought with him (mind you, I am not as able bodied as I might be when I am not 1-month away from giving birth) to get his diaper changed.  He kicked, screamed, weasled, hit, ran away with the diaper, ran away with the wipes, knocked over furniture…I was in tears.  He would come to me like he was sorry and wanted to give me a hug and then he would hit me and turn away running and laughing!!!  I called Ryan, but what was he going to do 3 hours away in Seattle?!  All he could say was he was sorry and I was not happy with that answer.  Eventually, I was able to get his diaper changed, and he is now in his room for naptime/quiet-time.

A couple of the books I have read compare being a toddler to having PMS or being pregnant…all of which only a mother can understand.  So, here I am frustrated with a toddler who I cannot understand because he has no control over his everchanging emotions while I have no control over my own everchanging emotions.  While I sit here and feel sorry for myself, I should really be feeling sorry for my husband, who lives in a household with both of us!  Now wonder he “has” to be in Seattle every week for work…I would want to get out of the house, too!  Forget the “terrible-two’s”, he has to deal with the “Terrible Two”!

6 thoughts on “Everchanging Emotions and the Terrible Two

  1. Rick says:

    Steph, another well written slice of life (small consolation for your afternoon battle with the towheaded one. As my dad used to say, “This too shall pass.” Soon, Poppa will be back and sooner than you think right now, Reece will be three and four, thirteen and twenty-four. Trust the old farts on this: way too soon . . .

  2. Grandpa Topher says:

    Wow! Probably a very similar day to what Robert Louis Stevenson went through when he decided to begin writing “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” … now don’t take this wrong, but training a toddler is a lot like training a hunting dog. When given the chance they will “break” for unknown reasons and act like they have forgotten everything you have ever taught them and more! I still will find Buck and Kona will grab the dummy, run around in ever widening circles, flip the dummy around in clear difiance of my commands hollered at the top of my now weak lungs. The more I command, the more they disobey. How do I fix it (and them)? I simply start walking away, no eye contact, no voice commands 9or swearing). They stop, look at me with the “where you goin’?” eyes and immediately settle down. When the challenge is over, the fight is over. By the way, this works well until your kids are about 18 too! This too will pass …

  3. kathy says:

    what a day for you! I vividly remember your little guy’s dad giving me regular heart attacks at diaper changes, meals and outdoor playtime (speeding down the driveway in his “bigwheel” heading straight for the street) while I was nearly as pg as you are… so he comes by it naturally… all I can say is they grow out of the terrifying stage and into lovable comedians all too fast (retrospectively speaking) and you will have these great memories and stories… knowing his dad, I bet he’d give anything to be able to stay home right now as he is missing one of the funniest, if one of the most frustrating, times in his son’s life. Plus, he thinks his wife is the BEST! (she is)

  4. Stephany says:

    Rick, Dad & Kathy-
    Thanks for the sympathy! I write these blogs from our day to share a “slice of life” with you all since you are far away. When it is all said and done, I know this will pass (funny the fathers both gave this sage bit of wisdom).
    And, immediately after the outburst, it all seemed funny! I wish I had a video camera running all the time to catch all of the action! We would win $100,000 on America’s Funniest Video’s for sure!
    I also know that all of this is normal (for a toddler and a pregnant woman), so it’s not that upsetting…except that my hormones tell me something different!
    It will be fun for you all to be here during your visits to witness it all in person…

  5. Megan says:

    That little stinker!! Matthew went through a very frustrating, “I hate diaper changes” stage. It was horrible!!! I literally had to put my legs across his body to get his diaper changed, which I hated as much as he did. It was always followed by snuggles, because we both needed them!! The good news is he passed through that stage pretty quickly. Once he realized that his fit only made it take longer, he stopped. We also figured out that distracting him during diaper changes was critical. Singing the ABC’s (because it was a favorite of his), nearly immediately had him calm. The elders gave you good advice. Hang in there, sister!

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