{milestones} baby girl is seven months and the little guy is two and three quarters

Last week baby girl turned 7 months and the little guy turned 2 years and 9 months. Can you believe it?! It goes fast with the first baby, but you blink and your newborn is almost crawling the second time around!

Here are some of the highlights of baby girl at 7 months:

  • Rolling across the floor
  • Scooting backwards
  • Refusing the bottle
  • “Talking”
  • Laughing
  • Bouncing
  • Almost sitting on her own
  • Not yet sleeping thru the night (we got spoiled by the little guy!)
  • Nasty rash on neck from spitting up constantly the 1st 5 months of her life is starting to go away after some TLC
  • No longer spitting up constantly
  • Eating solids and starting finger foods!
  • Taking good naps lately
  • LOVES her brother…he can make her smile and laugh more than anybody!
  • Hazel eyes and dark hair…much more than the Little Guy at this age
  • Happy baby!!!

The little guy is now 2 & 3/4…almost 3! He is a joy to be around. He is SO busy that it exhausts us to keep him entertained, but we do our best. Here is a glimpse of some of what he is into now:

  • ALL boy!
  • Almost fully potty trained!! (still working on #2)
  • Likes trucks, dinosaurs, digging in mud, splashing in puddles, tackling Poppa, rollerskating, playing soccer, t-ball, basketball, hockey, bowling, rollerskating, playing at playgrounds
  • Loves to make up stories and tell stories about things he has done
  • Loves to do anything physical
  • Loves to play outside!
  • Loves his Mommy, Poppa and baby sister
  • Loves to push mommy and poppa’s buttons and test boundaries

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