Our 6 year old black lab got out of our garage around 8am this morning (Sunday, June 6th).  We have been searching for him in the pouring rain for over 3 hours now!


He is a tall and skinny, intact male.  He is not wearing a collar, but does have a microchip! 

We live in Tigard bordered by SW Hall Blvd, Durham Road, 79th Ave, and Bonita.  If you have seen him, please e-mail me lostdog@stephanytaddeo.com

2 thoughts on “LOST DOG…PLEASE HELP!!!

  1. Shelly Mallon says:

    Stephany – My friend, who lives in Tigard, sent me your post concerning your dog. I doubt that he will make it all the way out to Woodburn (I sure hope not), but I wanted you to know that I am praying that you find him quickly. I am going to send your link to my vet, Kent Smith, who works at Crossroads Veterinary Clinic off of Hwy 99 in Sherwood. He always posts pictures and ads about lost pups and makes sure that he keeps an eye out as well. If you find him before tomorrow, please let me know and I won’t send his pic to Dr. Smith. BTW, what is his name?

  2. Nancy Barnhart says:

    I am sorry to read of your loss. We have a female black lab and two beagles. We are devastated whenever they have gotten out. I live on Bull Mt and drove across town but didnot come across a black lab. I hope you find him safe and sound.

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