{milestones} baby girl is nine months



Today, baby girl is 9 months old. It is hard to believe that she is closer to a year old than she is to a newborn. It’s cliche, but it seems like just yesterday when we introduced her to the little guy in the hospital room at St. Vincents. She is a very happy, easy going baby, which makes the fact that she still doesn’t sleep well at night a bit easier to deal with during the day!

Here are a couple of things that I hope she will outgrow as she gets closer to 1 year old:

  • refusing to drink from a bottle (which I gave up on) OR a sippy cup
  • not sleeping for more than a 5 hour stretch at night

Here is what she is up to lately:

  • CRAWLING…almost! She just started a couple of weeks ago and gets around by “frog hopping”, rolling, and pulling herself around…she will have some strong shoulders! She can really cruise around the house, though.
  • TEETH! She got her first tooth this weekend, followed by her 2nd tooth today!
  • EATING…finger foods by herself. She loves to feed herself, and loves to eat! She has lost some of her “chunk” now that she is mobile, but she does not lack in the caloric intake category!
  • PLAYING! Now that she is mobile, she loves to play with toys. She finds her way to all of the little guys toys, which has me chasing after her to make sure she doesn’t try to put the little peices in her mouth! The little guy has been very protective of his train set and puts all the pieces up on the table so baby girl cannot touch them!
  • WAVING & HIGH FIVES! This is a game she will play over and over and keep giggling about. I even find her practicing her waves by waving to herself sometimes!
  • RIDING facing forward next to the little guy in the Dualie BOB during Stroller Strides! This makes for an easier workout for me because I don’t have the extra weight of the carseat. I also think she likes to see the other moms and kids exercise and interact with the little guy!
  • TALKING. She loves to talk, sing and babble. Not sure what her first “word” will be, but I do know she has a lot to say!
  • WRAPPING her Poppa (and the rest of us) around her little finger!

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