simple things

We did a lot of fun things in Pacific City to celebrate the little guys birthday, which I will write about in another post, but I have to mention his gifts. He is a spoiled kid, I’ll be the first to admit it.
He got a new bike and helmet at the beach on Saturday; a wagon full of new sand toys on Sunday; a watch, clothes, and a book the morning of his birthday; some train set buildings, a golf set, and a soccer ball and net the night of his birthday.
Wouldn’t you know it, but the “gift” that he played with all weekend (and it is still keeping him busy today) was a white golf ball and a Sponge Bob golf ball that the boys next door gave him on Friday morning as they were going golfing before we left for the beach. I told them how much he liked them and they came over on Monday night with a 6-pack of Sponge Bob golf balls for his birthday.
He still wanted to take all eight golf balls with us to Stroller strides this morning (which I let him do, of course).
Sometimes three year olds are really good at reminding us that it’s the simple things, right?

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