decorator vs designer…

Last week I read this post, by  Brian Patrick Flynn on the HGTV blog.  It inspired me to write this post…

Am I an interior decorator or an interior designer? This is a discussion I have had with many a friend, family member and colleague since I decided to go back to school to earn a degree in Interior Design 10 years ago.  My husband got an ear-full on a long drive from Denver to Boulder one Saturday morning when he posed the question, “Why do you have to go to school to learn how to pick paint colors and fabrics?” early on in my back-to-school days. I am an interior DESIGNER because I did earn that degree in Interior Design, but as an interior designer a lot of what I do for clients is just picking paint colors and fabrics.

I have worked with many designers who have no decorating taste, but know their way around codes, AutoCAD, and specifications.  I have worked with decorators who have an extraordinary ability for making spaces beautiful.  I have also been in the homes of some of my other “creative” friends who are able to put together a beautiful space without the help of a decorator or designer.

While I do believe there is a distinction between decorator and designer, I also think there is room for all of us.  I am inspired by all of the beautiful decorating and design out there.  I love reading the design blogs written by decorators, designers and those who just love beautiful spaces.

Here is my favorite question and answer (by Erica Reitman from DesignBlahg) from the post by Decor Demon:

BPF: Stereotypically, the term decorator makes me think of _________________.
ER: The difference between a nurse and a doctor. Nurses work super-duper hard, can take pulses, wrap patients up in bandages and assist; however, doctors are authorized to fully operate. I see designers more like the doctors of interiors and nurses similar to decorators.

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