i write like i talk

I also write my blog like I used to write papers in school…the night before.  I hated having to write outlines and proofread…so I only did it if it was required as part of the grade.  I have forgotten most of the grammar rules and never really cared for them anyway (sorry FiL).

So, I have been trying to figure out where I am going with this blog (and this post).  I have been thinking about what I should write about and when? How often should I write? How much should I write for each post? What should my “blog voice” be?

The fact of the matter is that my reason for blogging has always been the same, but the topics have changed in the 2-1/2 years since I started blogging.

This blog is for me.  I need an outlet, and I think it is fun to share some of my thoughts, stories, photos, and ideas.  Those who want to read it will whether I use correct grammar or not.

I will write about whatever I feel like, whenever I feel like it.  Some weeks I will write everyday and other weeks I may not write at all.  Sometimes I will write a lot and other times I will only post photos. My blog voice is ME.

home is…not having to write outlines and proofread!

3 thoughts on “i write like i talk

  1. Fil says:

    Why limit blog to domestic and child rearing observations? Home can be a state of mind. Why not include observations/anecdotes of husband, friends, strangers, shopping, cooking, hiking, reading, TV, news, sports, weather, enthusiasms, curiosities, questions, changing opinions, health (tobacco chewing)? Ah, but I ramble . . .

  2. DesignHER Momma says:

    I hear ya! I have some friends (and family, one being my husband) who have told me that they have a hard time reading my writing because of my grammar. To them? whatever.

    I never said I was a writer. I like to think of it more like storytelling.

    I do try to proofread my post before I hit publish, at least for misspellings, but sometimes that doesn’t even happen.

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