playhouse: phase 1

So, last Friday I was able to get to Costco and pick up the playhouse! I am so excited!

Today the little guy and I took a trip to Costco for some necessities, and we took a look at the playhouse.

While he wanted to climb all over the mammoth playstructure on display next to it I was able to convince him to take a look at the smaller playhouse.

He liked it.

He wanted us to take one home.

This afternoon I had a conversation with the little guy about the playhouse while we were roasting fruit snacks over our imaginary campfire (heating vent).

Me: “That playhouse at Costco was cool, wasn’t it?”

Little Guy: “Yeah. I want one.”

M: “We’ll talk to Poppa about it. Where would we put a playhouse like that?”

LG: “I know! We could put it in the backyard.  We have plenty of room in the grass out there.”

M: “When would you play in it?”

LG: “In the summer.”

M: “What would you do in it?”

LG: “I would play with my little sister-wister.”

The stage is set.

The next step is to get a plan drawn out for the platform in between the trees. I will need to consult my treehouse building books for that one!

home is…being more excited about a playhouse than my kids are!

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