technology is cool

So, my last two posts were written from my iPhone.

From my bed.

After I remembered that I hadn’t written a blog post for the day.

Technology is pretty cool.

I like writing blog posts.

I don’t want to back down from the challenge.

I am doing this challenge for me.

I know I won’t disappoint any of you if I miss a day here and there.

I also know that I won’t disappoint myself.

But, I’m not backing down from the challenge.

I am more than 33% done.

The good news is that there are some days that I have posted more than once…and in my mind, those extra posts make up for a missed day here and there.

It’s no big deal.

Moving on…

There’s lots going on in our lives.

Some of it I can’t write about on my blog…yet.

But I will.

When the time is right.

For now, we are  doing things around the house.

A little spring cleaning.

Getting ready for a visit from Ryan’s parents and a getaway to the Oregon Coast.

The end of the school year is approaching.

The little guy is almost done with his first year of preschool!

He’s gonna be in the pre-k class next year.

Baby girl is starting to use her words.

She is really good at “NO!”

Summer plans are being made.

The yard is being prepped for playing outside…lots!

It’s gonna be in the 70’s and sunny today, so I am going to hit publish and get ready to go outside.

The little guy is sick, but I think some vitamin D and playing in the warm air will do him some good.

home is…hitting publish.

2 thoughts on “technology is cool

  1. Autumn says:

    Things always start to get more fun when the sun starts coming out. Then it’s rush rush rush to do everything before the sun goes away again! Your place sounds like ours about now.

  2. Stef says:

    I hope the events that are coming up are both fun and rewarding; I’m excited to read about them (when the time is right). 😉

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