so much

“Oh, there’s so much,” a former boss used to say before she would start off a story.

That’s how I feel right now.

So much.

So much I need to do.

So much I want to do.

So much I have to do.

So much I don’t want to do.

Not enough time for any of it.

So, I will make time for what is important, fun, and keeps me sane.

The rest will have to wait.

My list making is not even keeping up with my thoughts at this point in time.

Oh well.

We have made a HUGE dent in our Summer List.

In fact, the last few things that are left are things that I put on there as the long stretches…meaning, they may be too much for this summer and might have to wait until next or ever a few years from now.

I am proud and happy with what we have accomplished. It has been fun.

And, yes, father-in-law, I know I owe you photos.

I also owe the entire family our photo album from 2010.

And, need to finish painting the little guys room.

And, finish hanging up art in baby girls room.

And, need to paint our bedroom.

And, need to do the laundry.

And, need to finish my craft closet.

And, need to redesign Ryan’s office.

And, want to take a photography class.

And, want to learn to sew.

And…well, that’s all I can remember right now.

home is…there is always so much.

One thought on “so much

  1. kathy says:

    so nice that time is often flexible when we need it to be… and summer lists can become autumn lists with a few keystrokes… sounds like you’ve whittled them down significantly… congrats!

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