never enough

although we’ve checked things off our summer list, and had a fun filled summer…with 3 weeks left to go I feel like I haven’t done enough.
are my kids happy?
are they having a good summer?
do I snap at them too much when I am tired and just need a break?
it’s exhausting keeping them occupied.
then add on the projects that I try to jam in around the house, blogging, time to craft, laundry, cleaning up after everybody…and, maybe, just maybe a little downtime or time for myself.
my exercise routine has gone to hell because I am so concerned about doing things for the kids.
which, of course, makes me more on edge…exercise is my only release sometimes.
and, of course, now I’m just being negative, complaining, bitching.
my worst nightmare is that I will be thought of as a negative person.
home is…hoping my kids think I am a good mom because I don’t always feel that way.

2 thoughts on “never enough

  1. kathy says:

    motherhood can be a continual guilt trip… even when the kids are all grown up! I remember someone telling me that every day, I have done my best… even if my best was not as good as yesterday’s best, it was the best I could do today, given all the internal and external factors of my day. Your kids surely think of you as a great mom (count the times you hear “Mommy!” in one day)… you may need to wait 20 years for them to say it, but it is so sweet to hear it when they do!

  2. Autumn says:

    Yep, I think we all feel that way. I do more so in the summer since there seems to be way more that I want to do than I can actually sqeeze in.
    You should take your kids camping! We should probably all go camping together at some point – even if it’s just to get the guys in some good hunting. And yes, we own that trailer. Given to us by my father-in-law after he didn’t need to use it anymore.

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