Have you ever said something to some one, trying to help them out, and all it does is make the situation worse?


I did that this morning.

Now my stomach is churning and I feel bad because I was just trying to make this person feel better, have less stress, and maybe have a better day than they might have had.


I have been thinking a lot lately.

A lot about how I communicate with people, or don’t communicate with people, or fail at communicating with people, and how it has affected relationships over the years.

I feel like I am really good at messing things up.

Not really sure how I can fix it.

Maybe you can help me once I figure out how to get my thoughts on paper…or in this case, keyboard and computer screen.

Or, maybe, I am imagining things?

Well, for now, I am off to get ready for Friday Playgroup…should be some good fun in the sun with the kiddos!

home is…sometimes things backfire.

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