green with envy

I dream of a place for all of my stuff where I could also have a place to work.

And, leave my mess behind a closed door.

I was able to transform the closet under our stairs into a place to store my craft stuff, but it also houses a bunch of craft stuff for the kids, and various other things.

I peruse Pinterest and countless blogs and am so jealous of the craft spaces that some of those women have.

Do you know what I would be able to accomplish with this?!

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

I would absolutely LOVE this!

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

And, I would love do this with our dining room, but then we would’t have anyplace to eat as we do not have a breakfast nook in our kitchen!

Source: via Stephany on Pinterest

There’s nothing wrong with eating in front of the TV on fold out tray tables every night, right?!

I really still love the idea of a creative cottage out back…replacing the dog runs with a big old shed for all my stuff.

There is one more day to enter to win {my first} november blog giveaway!

And, I am already putting together {my second} giveaway for December…stay tuned!

home is…there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

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