some random and a winner

I have been up before 5 am the last 4 mornings.

On Friday, the little guy complained that his ear hurt, so off to urgent care we went. He has an ear infection. His first.

On Saturday, baby girl started coughing.

On Sunday, baby girl woke up at 4:30 am with a coughing fit.

On Monday, baby girl woke up a little after 4 am with a coughing fit.

On Tuesday, baby girl woke up at 4:19 am with a coughing fit.

Today, baby girl woke up at 4:42 am with a coughing fit.

We get a snack, snuggle a bit, then the little guy comes downstairs (this morning at 5:20 am), we eat some breakfast, then another breakfast, then a snack.

Baby girl hasn’t lost her appetite.

Yesterday, we were able to do a lot of crafts. It was fun.

The little guy took a nap. He never does that. I think the early mornings are catching up to him.

I know they are catching up to me.

He had a bit of cabin fever yesterday afternoon, so we took a drive to get gas, and stopped in at Target to get a treat at the dollar bins.

I didn’t even stay up to watch Parenthood last night! I DVR’d it, so hopefully I can watch it after Modern Family tonight.

I can’t workout when the kids are sick since they can’t go to the childcare at the club. That’s a bummer.

Well, enough random.

On to the winner…

Thank you all for the comments and giveaway entries!

I hope you will all enjoy following my blog via e-mail or Facebook.

I also promise that I will have some fun stuff coming up with colton+cadence in 2012.

I used to pick a winner…

That would make this comment from Cindy A. the winner!

Thanks for tweeting, Cindy!

Please contact me at so I can get your information and get a package to you!


And, keep coming back…I will be posting the December giveaway in just a couple of weeks!

That was fun!

home is…early mornings, lazy days at home, and a winner of my first giveaway.

One thought on “some random and a winner

  1. kathy says:

    If it weren’t for the three hour time difference, you and “Amma” could be conversing about early-rising children… hope they are both better soon and sleeping later as well…

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