quick catch up…

Just a quick catch up from me!

Welcome to all of my new followers, and thank you for visiting!

Between my SITS day, a Facebook feature, and a blog critique party my blog has been busy.

I, however, have not been busy blogging!

I did want to mention a few things I have learned over the last few days…

First, from all the SITS girls that visited and left comments…you all are really nice people!! If I am feeling down, I am just going to go back and read through some of your thoughtful comments. You all made this momma very happy!

Second, I have to start watermarking my photos! I have heard about this a lot…through Instagram, Pinterest, and, most recently, through the blog critique I participated in (you can read more about that here and see the checklist we used here). 

Third, I am far from a “grand opening” of my etsy shop, colton+cadence. I might have a “soft” opening and get a few items in there occasionally, but until both kids are in school this fall I do not have the time to dedicate to it. So, I want you all to stay tuned…I will post on my home is… Facebook page and the colton+cadence Facebook page when I put any items in the shop. So, “like” those Facebook pages to get the most updated information!

Fourth, having a four year old is harder than having a two year old…and I have both! Man, if you have or have had a four year old (particularly a 4 year old boy) please tell me I am not crazy! He’s majorly testing his boundaries and it is majorly testing my patience, energy, and emotions. He is like “dr. jekyll and mr. hyde” lately. Last time I had a not so terrible two year old, I also had a newborn, so I don’t remember much of it…and it really never seemed that bad (although my husband will tell you that I told him otherwise in all the texts I sent him that first year of having 2 kiddos). Anyway, I know {like everything else we have gone through with kids} that this too shall pass, but I hope it passes SOON!

{yes, that blur in the background is his two year old sister}

Fifth, thank you to Jennifer and Amy for critiquing my blog. I found your critiques very insightful and will make some changes based on them! I also had fun critiquing (and visiting) Amy’s creative blog. And, I made a visit to Jennifer’s beautiful blog, as well!

Finally, if you are a blogger (or photographer, or computer geek) how do you watermark your photos?

(for photo software I am currently using iPhoto and Picasa…I make my collages and add text in Picasa)

home is…trying to keep a calm center.

4 thoughts on “quick catch up…

  1. Anjie Orlowski says:

    I use Flickr to upload my photos and use Picnik (connected to Flickr) to add a watermark. However, now that Picnik is going away, I don’t know what Flickr is going to do to replace it.

  2. kathy says:

    For those of us who are not in the know, what is a watermark? As for your 4-5 little challenge… it’s not much comfort, but it is a stage… he will grow and change and some stages will be easier and some will be harder… my little boy taught me an important lesson: to choose my battles, then stick to my guns! Lots of tears and frustrations later, he learned to manage himself and not go into attack mode whenever he was asked to make his bed! I learned that I could shut his door and there were more important things to insist on. Since you already know all that, you just need some rewards for yourself at the end of each day!

  3. Susan says:

    You are not crazy. 4 year old boy + 2 year old girl = very stressed mom.
    I am GOING crazy…I’ll save you a seat when I get there.

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