self photo challenge

Today I am linking up with The Paper Mama for her Self Photo Challenge…

Obsessing over…

why my calves and feet are aching constantly for the last two days. was it the shoes i wore? is it my lack of exercise? do i need more water? more magnesium? more potassium?

Working on…

getting art hung up on our walls. it’s only taken 4 years.

Thinking about…

how to get an my life organized. my house and life feel a bit scattered lately. at home i feel like ikea, toys r us, and michaels exploded all over. in my brain i feel like i want to do so many things and i just need to get it all organized on paper.


Ryan coming home tomorrow and having a fun weekend with him and the kids.

Listening to…

my little guy tell me that he doesn’t feel well with Cat in the Hat in the background. (he just drank his “quiet time” hot chocolate)


nothing right now. worked out and ate some almonds afterwards. drinking water.


for more time. but reminding myself to be thankful.

home is…following the lead of another Pacific Northwest blogger!

One thought on “self photo challenge

  1. Kam says:

    Steph, your hair is soooooo long and bangs too… I barely recognized your self portrait! Obviously we need to see each other more than once a year!!

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