normal tuesday

woke up this morning.

made pancakes.

puttered around while drinking my coffee (thanks, Ryan, for making it).

thought about working out…i really need to get on a schedule.

decided it was a good day to vacuum under the sofa.


i do it every couple of months, but should probably do it more frequently.

how often do you move furniture to vacuum under it?!

then, i moved on to washing windows.

it’s been 4 years.

after that, i finally moved the puffs from the christmas tree up to baby girls roomThey were stored in bags in her closet, then re puffed and stored on the wine bar in the “dining room”)…re-use.

photos to come…

then, i got a kick to finish hanging up the art in her room since we moved her to a big girl bed.

it’s coming along.

photos to come…

i also hung up a new chalkboard.

old, but new to us last summer…just figured out that i could take the chalk tray off and hang it vertically.

so happy.

photos to come…

what were the kids doing?!

playing on the iPad, watching shows, playing with toys, sleeping.

how was your tuesday?!

home is…normal tuesday around here.

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