breaking the rules

Yesterday morning I took a trip to Goodwill with the kids.

Usually, if they follow my rules, they each get to pick out a toy.

My rules are stay close to mommy, no running, and stay quiet.

They are usually VERY good at following these rules.

Yesterday was no exception, and they each found a toy.

The little guy found a Batman action figure from 2003…I hated to open it because it was new in it’s packaging and worth at least twice as much as we paid for it, but his happiness was worth ripping the packaging open once we got home.

Baby girl liked a little car with a pig in it. While she was riding in the cart and holding her car she realized that it actually  made noise and drove on it’s own and wanted to get out of the cart.

She immediately put it on the ground and let it go.





It raced down the aisle.

And, she raced screaming and giggling after it!

Breaking all my rules.

I have never seen her so happy about something.

She and the little guy set it on the ground and let it go again.





I tried to keep them quiet as an employee looked around the corner to see what the noise was about.

She said, “I love to hear children’s laughter.”

So, I let them laugh.

And, run.

We were on our way towards checking out, anyway.

Baby girl screamed and giggled every time the car drove away.

This was one time that I didn’t mind them breaking my rules.

{Although, I think I came back to haunt me later in the day when they thought breaking my rules was OK when we were at the veterinarian learning how to give Hobbes his insulin injections.}

home is…sometimes breaking the rules is worth it.

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