UPDATED: fires in colorado

Source: google.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

Gosh, they scare me.

My parents, aunt and uncle, and many friends live in the foothills west of Denver.

I also have cousins and an aunt and uncle who live up in the Vail Valley.

Source: google.com via stephany @ on Pinterest

As of right now, they are safe.

That could change in an instant.

Did you see that 32,000 people have been evacuated near Colorado Springs?!

The fire doubled in size OVERNIGHT!

Huge fires are burning west of Fort Collins, Boulder, and Colorado Springs.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of houses could be destroyed this summer.

If I could send the rain and cool temperatures that we have been “enjoying” here in the Pacific Northwest to Colorado I would in an instant.

Please pray for Colorado.

Please pray for rain.

Please pray for my family, friends, and their neighbors.

How can we help?

Please visit this website.

I will post more information about how we can help from out of state as I find it.

home is…praying for my native state.

4 thoughts on “UPDATED: fires in colorado

  1. julie catlin says:

    We are all fine but prepared! Someone said it’s a question of remembering “P’s” People,pets,pills and papers. Everything else is replacable. Meme

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