{milestones} baby girl is three

Don’t tell her I called her “baby girl”.

She won’t be happy.

We celebrated Lorelai’s third birthday last weekend with some good friends.

Being pregnant with her still feels like yesterday…

I sent the above photo to Ryan as a text message when he was at the National Sales meeting for his company. I think he was surprised.

It was quite a surprise when she wanted to come 2 weeks before my scheduled c-section (3 weeks before her due date). I had a plan in place, but apparently she had a plan of her own.

I’m just glad that Ryan made it home from Alaska a few days earlier.

Man, what a mess I would have been if he hadn’t been here…and our awesome neighbors who took Reece for the day.

She’s still my baby.

She always will be.

She’s always done things the way SHE wants to do them.

She only wants to wear “ballerine’s” (dresses).

They can’t be long sleeved.

They can’t have buttons.

They can’t have anything that needs to be tied.

She likes to wear dancing shoes…with flowers or sparkles on them.

She also only wants to wear nighties…no pj pants and tops.

She loves dolls, dress up, and stuffed animals.

She wants her nails to always have polish on them.

She also loves to get dirty in the backyard with her brother.

And, she is learning to hold her own with him.

If she can’t push or hit, she can scream the loudest.

She still won’t let me put a ponytail in her hair.

She wants me to take my ponytail out every night when I put her to bed.

She’s definitely a momma’s girl, but has a soft spot for her boys.

She can be overly emotional.

She likes to sleep.

She likes to just “hang out”.

She likes to dance and sing.

She likes to play ballerina and sing songs to make me happy.

One she has named The Sunflower Song goes something like this, “I’m fishing with a sunflower. I’m fishing with a sunflower. I’m fishing with a sunflower…”

She doesn’t want to miss out on what they boys are doing…whether it’s fishing, playing football, or otherwise…but is more of a spectator than an active participant.

She is a “happy, sunshine girl”…that is what she called herself this morning.

She is my baby girl…even if she is three.

home is…celebrating three years with baby girl.

4 thoughts on “{milestones} baby girl is three

  1. Kell says:

    This post is wonderful. Makes me want to find the hospitial pics from my c-section with the twins. Seems like so long ago and just yesterday all rolled into one. Makes you want to go back in time and sit with yourself in those darkest hours of the morning, when your at your witts in not knowing what else to do,lacking major sleep….and just give yourself a hug and say you can do this, you will do this, one day you will see this little newborn be a strong opinionated little kid with a big voice, big imagination and then it will hit you, I helped make an awesome person 🙂
    Thank you for the reminder lady!
    TGIF to you.

  2. Kathy Taddeo says:

    what a lovely tribute to Lorelai… she has certainly added excitement to your life from the moment she decided when to appear (no doubt who’s in charge, is there!) ILY Kathy

  3. Nancy Larson says:

    Glad I read this one as I learned much of this in ID but not all and love to learn more. She is such a doll. CJ is still my baby too!

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