he’s my hero


Yeah. Ya’ll.

Well, after more than one glass of wine I get a “Southern Drawl”. Some might call it a slur, but I like to call it a drawl.

So, ya’ll…

My husband impresses me daily.

I don’t write specifically about him because this blog is mine, not his.

His business is his, not mine.

So, I mention him, but don’t necessarily write about him.

Anyway, I have to tonight because he told me an awesome story.

He flies for work.

No, he’s not a pilot, but he is on an airplane every week. Multiple times (and thanks to this we get perks like flying first class to Maui).

Anyway, he was on a flight home today…flying first class…which he deserves for how much he travels.

During one of the announcements the flight attendant mentioned that you could add a donation for Breast Cancer Awareness Month to your purchase of a snack or beverage.

In first class, you don’t purchase snacks or beverage.

Towards the end of the flight, Ryan asked one of the flight attendants about the donations. She said that people rarely make donations and that none had been made on the flight.

Ryan told her that he would like to make one.

She told him he could make a $1 or $5 donation.

He said, “I’d like to make a $50 donation.”

She burst into tears.

Someone she was close to was battling breast cancer.

Another flight attendant also knew someone fighting breast cancer.

And, the passenger next to Ryan knew someone fighting cancer.

Soon, one of the flight attendants walked by Ryan and said, “He’s the hero on this flight.”

“Oh, I’m no hero,” replied Ryan.

He just did what he felt was right.

I know him. He was going to make that $50 donation whether the whole flight had made donations or not.

That’s just who he is.

I love that man, and I am so blessed that he is mine.

home is…being blessed by the people in your life.

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